Yep, I’m a dope – the “trip out” was 14 km

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I posted this little piece about a rental car with a purported 0.0 odometer. Readers quickly cut that to pieces. At the time of rental I did give pause to wonder how it could be 0.0 for a new car, but was soon on the road and reminding myself to keep on the left.

I went back and checked, the “trip out” was 14 km, in line with what readers reported for a new car.

After 36 hours the “trip in” was in the 700s. No dings, and through strenuous efforts, never tripped a toll in Brisbane. Getting to the airport from the south/city avoiding tolls was the trickiest.

No problem admitting I am a dope. I put my successes, failures, and yes, idiocies, on the blog in the hope they can be useful to fellow travelers. This was a goof. Still, at 14 km out there is no margin for error and the general idea is the same – I prefer a dinged up car with some margin of interpretation on its condition.

I always learn more from readers than I can share to them, such as to scroll from odometer to tripometer!

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Chad M
10 years ago

I always think it’s neat when I rent a brand new car; in fact, I look forward to it. However, goof or not, 14km is still absolutely a new car and your point about no margin for error stands.