Oh no! A rental car with 0.0 on the odometer

As I joked with the Hertz staff, “Now I can’t blame any dings on the prior guy.”


Brand new Camry

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  • Andy

    Um, that would be the Trip B odometer actually.

  • Nathan

    Is it Zero? I don’t see the real odometer, doesn’t that say Trip [B] 0.0km ?

  • Mark

    I’m pretty sure that’s the trip meter–it would be pretty hard to get it into the lot without incurring any mileage!

  • Rich

    Um, that reads 0 on the tripometer, not the odometer.

  • Richard

    Yeah, press the little post in the bottom right corner where is says “ODO TRIP”. short press to cycle between ODO – TRIP A – TRIP B and long press to reset either of the trips.

    Impossible for a car to have 0.0 because they’re driven post-assembly: off the line to a parking lot, parking lot to the truck or shipyard, off the boat onto a truck, around the block at the dealer or at least moved around in the parking lot(s) a bit, in the service bay for its dealer prep and back out to the lot, etc.

    I’ve seen cars just shy of 10 but they always have “some” miles on them…

    Curious: what’s the folio says for “miles out”?

  • @Richard, I was thinking the same thing… I recall seeing all new cars with around 10 miles in them.

  • NB

    Last week I picked up a car with 8.6 miles on it from Avis. That was clearly first user…

  • Rabbit travller

    Hey, which day are you done roaming?

  • BOShappyflyer

    When I bought my car, it was at 5 miles. I then tested drove it. All new. I considered anything under 10 miles on the odometer as all new.

  • Yep, you’ve all confirmed I am a dope, the “trip out” was 14 km. I did pause for a moment to think how it could be 0.0 but obviously did not pay attention and was off and running.