Ayers Rock’s neighbor, Kata Tjuta

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Morning before 13:40 flight out I woke in the dark and headed for Kata Tjuta. Sunrise I viewed at the Dune Viewing Area, which has a great look at Kata Tjuta and also the sun rising behind Ayers Rock.

Australia 067

Kata Tjuta at sunrise

Australia 066

Ayers Rock sunrise

The showpiece is the Valley of the Winds Walk. I did that in 1:40 without breaks. The path is very rough in places, must be quite fit for the walk. Once in, the only walk out is to scrabble back out. The hike is fun, the views interesting but nothing like Ayers Rock. Kata Tjuta is much better in panorama.

Australia 068

Valley of the Winds Walk

The Walpa Gorge Walk has a separate car park and can be done in 30 minutes. The gorge dead-ends with limited view, so a bit of a downer.

If time is short Kata Tjuta can be skipped, but do consider sunrise at the Dune Viewing Area.

Australia 069

Burned area by the Dune Viewing Area

Back to the hotel for a shower, nice thing about shared bathrooms was I could get in after 10 am checkout.

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Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@New Girl in the Air – with the exchange rate where it is and costs so high, definitely no time for me to linger!

New Girl in the Air
10 years ago

Loving your Outback adventure summaries. Sounds like a great way to make the most of a brief visit.