India Part 1 – 10-year tourist visas for US citizens

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South Asia 046Disclaimer: entry requirements for most countries vary widely by applicant nationality AND consular location. Always carefully research your specific situation well in advance of a trip and make every effort to obtain current, accurate information from legitimate sources. More on visas in general in future “VisaMonte” posts. For all the hassle that visas can be, difficult ones are a small thrill and great souvenir – except for a place like North Korea where the visa is a separate booklet and it is confiscated by immigration on departure!

Part 2 covers re-entry restrictions and Part 3 covers Protected/Restricted Areas.

How fitting that India now outsources its visa processing in the US. The company is called Travisa and my one experience with them was by far the best visa experience I have ever had. Ever seen a consular website with links for compliments AND complaints?

One experience is the best part because they offer a little-publicized 10-year multiple-entry tourist visa for US citizens. This is a special bilateral agreement and does not apply to other nationalities, though since 2010 citizens of Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Singapore can qualify for visa-free entry.

Here’s the fee table for US citizens:

Duration of Visa Consular Fee Service Fee Total Fee
6 Months Multiple Entry $63.00 $13.00 $76.00
5 Years Multiple Entry $153.00 $13.00 $166.00
10 Years Multiple Entry $153.00 $13.00 $166.00


If you change passports they will even transfer the visa to a new passport.

India is a superb destination, each state is at least as diverse as the European countries. And it is the regional hub of South Asia, so globetrotters with an interest in the region are likely to get good use of the visa. But there are some catches with India visas that will be covered in part 2.

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