LayoverLuge: MSP to the Mall of America

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‘LayoverLuge’ will be a regular feature on dash trips from airports during 2+ hour layovers. Despite the hassle of carry-on luggage and an extra trip through security on return, The Rapid Traveler gets out of the airport anytime feasible. Airports with rail connections are ideal and (outside NY) are generally reliable to cut the time close.

lrt at the mall of america

Photo by jimw

The Rapid Traveler is in his beloved hometown Minneapolis, Minnesota this weekend for Mother of Rapid Traveler’s birthday. Unable to be objective, The Rapid Traveler insists Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport is one of the best in the country. Since 2004 the airport has been linked by the Metro Transit Light Rail Hiawatha Line to downtown Minneapolis to the north and the Mall of America (MoA) to the south (route map and schedule). History buffs will enjoy learning about the namesake Iroquois leader.

The MoA is a 5-stop, 12-minute ride from the main Terminal 1 (Lindbergh Terminal). It is one of the largest malls in the world with 520+ shops, and is a lot more lively than the ‘Ghost Mall‘ in China. It has a Nickelodeon Universe theme park and Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium. Across the parking lot is the indoor Water Park of America inside the Radisson Hotel Bloomington, and an IKEA thrown in for a quick Swedish snack, very much in honor of Minnesota’s large Scandinavian population.

Mall of America

Photo by coolmikeol

The Economist blog Gulliver recently visited Minnesota and got a taste of ‘Minnesota Nice‘ on the light rail.

Next time you are passing through MSP why not pack swim trunks, take a quick plunge and leave your next flight seat-mates guessing why your hair is wet.


Photo by twodolla

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