Victoria Falls Weekend: Zambia, The Shop That Thunders and frat house airport lounge

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A half-day to see Victoria Falls from Zambia and check out the town of Livingstone.

I love crossing boarders, heading across the Rainbow Bridge with bungee jumpers dangling beneath, observing the cargo trucks loading up and trading supplies to bring to Zimbabwe’s crippled economy. If just popping across to see the falls there is no need for a visa. I was flying out from Zambia, though, and wanted the stamp, so went through the quick formalities.

Victoria Falls Chobe 061

Victoria Falls Chobe 062

The falls park on the Zambia side is much smaller than Zimbabwe, just a few viewpoints on the short trail. It was wetter and mistier than my visit in Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls Chobe 063

Victoria Falls Chobe 065

Victoria Falls’ name is Mosi-oa-Tunya, ‘The Smoke that Thunders.’ Naturally there is The Shop That Thunders.

Victoria Falls Chobe 066

I proceeded down the highway to The Royal Livingstone Hotel. I chatted with an American tourist on the patio, he had just taken a boat out to Livingstone Island. I had been misinformed that it was out of season. I talked with the valet and he tried to arrange the boat for me but I was too short on time and the boat was still out with a second batch of hotel guests. Disappointing. There are tours offered by tour agencies out in Livingstone, and they presumably are cheaper, though for someone stepping across the boarder, jumping on a tour from the hotel is much more convenient and a luxury indulgence. Depending on time of day, some of the hotel outings offer meals on the island.

Victoria Falls Chobe 067

Victoria Falls Chobe 068

Victoria Falls Chobe 069

Victoria Falls Chobe 070

Victoria Falls Chobe 071

Compared to the Victoria Falls Hotel over in Zimbabwe, for a luxury experience you can’t go wrong with either. The Victoria Falls Hotel has a better view and felt more colonial, while The Royal Livingstone Hotel seems to have  more activities and be better set up for families.

My time trying to get to Livingstone Island meant I had to bypass the city of Livingstone and headed straight to the airport.

It was a battle to get into the airport lounge with my Diners Club card, despite the Diners Club logo on the door. I wondered why the staff sat outside chatting…until I went it and felt like I had entered a frat house. A memorable end to a superb weekend.

Victoria Falls Chobe 072

Victoria Falls Chobe 073

Victoria Falls Chobe 074

Victoria Falls Chobe 075

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9 years ago

Thanks, that was exactly the type of information I was looking for!

9 years ago

make no mistake about it Zimbabwe’s crippled economy is due to the takeover by Mugabe’s corrupt and psyco ruling party.

It was a thriving country when it was Rhodesia.

9 years ago

so half a day on each side was plenty? Have you been to Iguazu, how much time did you spend on each side there (how does it compare)?

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  john

@john – since the falls parks are rather small, just seeing them on the walking trails does not take much time on either side. If you start adding in trips to Livingstone Island and the adventure sports the time can expand. I did go to Iguazu last year, arriving overland from Paraguay. Day 1 I crossed into Brazil and scrambled for the last tour of Itaipu Dam which is awesome. Day 2 I did both the Argentina and Brazil sides of the falls in 1 day, very, very tight, there is a ton to do on the Argentina side and… Read more »

9 years ago

Great trip! Thank you for posting this article.


9 years ago

Good analogy on the lounge! Wow