Victoria Falls Weekend: Chobe National Park in Botswana

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Why not slip in another country?

I had not planned to stop in Botswana. The quick Friday visit to the falls and night safari on the Zimbabwe side, and parallel plan for Zambia on Sunday, left Saturday wide open. I had researched Botswana as an alternative to Victoria Falls, interested in the then new nonstop flight from Johannesburg to Maun (MUB) on South African Express, but could not find award availability…ever, and revenue tickets on that or Air Botswana were too expensive for my budget. A daytrip from Victoria Falls to Chobe National Park turned out to be a great peek at Botswana.

Every tourist agency in Victoria Falls offers 1 and 2-day tours, they work in concert to fill out numbers so shopping around probably will not achieve much in terms of tour, possibility spend a dollars less or more. The tour I was on had two no-shows so there were only three of us. I paid US$170. I enjoyed the variety as the morning is on a boat and the afternoon on a SUV. Safaris are incredible but after a few hours on a boat or SUV a change of activity is much appreciated.

Wildlife-wise Chobe is spectacular. Elephants galore, hippo colonies, giraffe herds.

Highly recommended.

Victoria Falls Chobe 040

Victoria Falls Chobe 045

Victoria Falls Chobe 048

Victoria Falls Chobe 049

Victoria Falls Chobe 035

Victoria Falls Chobe 034

Victoria Falls Chobe 055

Victoria Falls Chobe 032

Victoria Falls Chobe 054

Victoria Falls Chobe 059

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9 years ago

Great photos Stefan, good to know that you had a great time. I did the same tour when I last visited and had a blast. They’re plenty of Elephants & hippos plus it was different from Kruger or Etosha!

9 years ago

Nice pictures! Did you see any cats?

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  Julian

@PT – that is what I loved most, great variety in such a short time and space.
@Julian – the guide said there are some cats at Chobe but sightings are hit or miss and we did not have any luck. He said parks in South Africa like Kruger are much better for cats, while Chobe’s biggest strength is the gigantic elephant population.
@Sahib – my wife was none too thrilled seeing that one!

9 years ago

You sure saw a lot in just a few hours! I love being on safari.

9 years ago

Great pictures! Especially the one with giant crocodile in the background!!