Valentine’s special: Rapid Travel Chai spousal travel notification form

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Mrs. Rapid Traveler is generally a good sport about The Rapid Traveler’s trips. One feverishly pitched fit, though, led to this spousal travel notification form. Here is a sample from a November trip to Belize and Guatemala. Mrs does not enjoy seeing trips with high “TBD” ratios.

Notice the choice of the word ‘notification.’ Tongzhi (通知), the Chinese equivalent, is ubiquitous in China for messages large and small, and The Rapid Traveler has come to appreciate its utility. This form therefore has no place for an affirmative sign-off. No need to court debate. The Rapid Traveler is sacrificing for readers, here, because  publication no doubt will result in a spousal force majeure imposition of an approval process.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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10 years ago

Tripit works well in this role for my business travel. For the more out of the way travel avoiding chains etc I could see where it would potentially become more cumbersome, though. It’s great for most of my purposes, though.