1/5/21 at 8 pm EST – From 1 to 193: Visiting Every Country in the World is Doable!

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Nomadic Matt’s Nomadic Network has been keeping travel dreams going with a series of virtual events that have been great fun to attend. They have a diverse group of travelers who are not jaded.

From 1 to 193:

When: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 8 pm US Eastern

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Where: Zoom – when you register, the call-in details will appear on the invitation page. You must be signed in to your Nomadic Network account to see them.

Stefan Krasowski The Nomadic Network From 1 to 193

Visiting Every Country in the World is Doable!

While going to even one country seems far away for many, I hope all travelers, especially a new generation ready to go, do not give up on travel. Some countries I persisted for years before receiving a visa. The challenges ahead will be new and different, sometimes frustrating to pursue and always satisfying to achieve.

Travel is a lifelong project. The pinnacle for some of us is to visit every country in the world.

We’ll have a candid discussion on why and how to visit every country in the world, whether for personal fulfillment, profit, or both. What does this pursuit mean in a time of restricted travel and climate change? With attention spans only as long as a click and self-proclaimed ‘influencers’ chasing Guinness World Records for fastest and youngest or making their own lists and records for their PR teams to push? 2020 was a reset for many. When and how we get back to travel will be new for all of us.

Effervescent Erica (Virvo) Hackman will emcee, I’ll give a quick presentation, and then we’ll open it up to discussion.

Stefan Krasowski The Nomadic Network World Map

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