The Panamá Canal Locks: Miraflores and San Miguel on the Pacific side

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The Panamá Canal is a short drive or taxi ride from Panamá City. A must-see, even for those not typically interested in feats of engineering.

The main visitor center is at the Miraflores Locks with a cheaper ticket for viewing platforms only or a few dollars more grants access to the interesting museum and 10-minute film. The thrill depends on boats passing through, so the museum, film and cafe are a good fall-back if nothing is happening or determined to wait for a ship. There is no access to any of the operational facilities.

The canal’s official website has a wealth of information and live cameras so you can get an idea.

Panama Canal Miraflores Locks 004

Miraflores Locks

Panama Canal Miraflores Locks 005

The approach from the Pacific

Panama Canal Miraflores Locks 001

Bell of first ship to pass through the canal

Panama Canal Miraflores Locks 002

Mock control room

Panama Canal Miraflores Locks 003

Simulator ship

Just a few minutes further north is the San Miguel Locks for completists only. There is a small car park but no facilities and the view is obstructed by a chain link fence.

Panama Canal San Miguel Locks 001

San Miguel Locks

Panama Canal San Miguel Locks 002

Reaching for a clear view

Panama Canal San Miguel Locks 003

San Miguel Locks

Completists will want to continue to the coolest of the locks, a 1-hour drive north to Gatun on the Caribbean side, to be covered in the next post.

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Kathy (Will Run For Miles)

I went there two years ago. I loved Panama.