UNESCO 2015 New World Heritage Sites and Sites in Danger

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The new inscriptions on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List are out, dampened by the sites in peril.

New to List of World Heritage in Danger, of which there are now 48:

Several other sites were extended.

I have been to most of the countries holding the new additions. Of these newly listed sites, I can only think of the Singapore Botanical Gardens as possibly having visited. I remember the Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park, not sure on Botanical Gardens.

As the list grows, the sites become more obscure to the general public. That can be good for the traveler, a motivation to go off the tourist trail. There are plenty I have tracked down to see a hole in the ground or a grassy hill yet had a great outing and experience of local culture on the way.

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[…] Travel Chai shares the new UNESCO World Heritage sites.  I track the ones I’ve been to – it’s included in part of my MostTraveledPeople […]

7 years ago

Somebody really “sanitized” that report about the perils facing the sites in Yemen, attributing them vaguely to “armed conflict.” (and not a peep about obvious damage being caused by Saudi bombing — even more ironic considering that the US is supposed to be helping with targeting) Guess UNESCO caved to Saudi $$$…. damned disgrace.

Point Princess
7 years ago

Of the new sites I’ve only been to the Singapore Botanic Gardens – they’re quite nice though!

7 years ago

Been reading about these in the news over the last few weeks. Definitely more obscure and I get that there are positives as you mentioned. I am really starting to think there should be tiers. Its great to promote conservation, but its hard to fathom a hundred year old steel bridge being in the same class as five thousand year old pyramids….