9 New UNESCO Sites and then a Coup Came Calling, Plus Micronesia’s Archaeological Masterpiece Now Listed

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The UNESCO 40th World Heritage Committee meeting in Istanbul was interrupted by events outside. Before that they anointed 9 new World Heritage Sites:

See the full press releases here and here.

This continues the trends of certain countries aggressively adding to their totals and geographically diffuse sites. Except one, these are marginal to most travelers.

The big highlight, and a shock not previously inscribed is Nan Madol on Pohnpei. It is the majestic archaeological site of Micronesia and one of my favorite Pacific islands. Manta rays patrol the waters and waterfalls course through the interior. If an island inspired Kong Island, this may be it.

Nan Modal palace interior, Pohnpei

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6 years ago

I disagree. Nalanda University, India deserved to be UNESCO heritage long ago. The history of the place as well as ruins are fascinating. It is like the Tikal of India.