Chai Digest November 3-9: Disney’s New Fantasyland, Air Hobbit, and auditors descend on Myanmar

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Disney World’s New Fantasyland will open Dec 6. A couple weeks ago I toured part of it that was open for a ‘dress rehearsal.’ The only new ride that was open was Little Mermaid-themed, well done, but more of the same, nothing innovative. The other stuff then open were a restaurant, gift shop, and place to wait a long time for a picture with Ariel.

Priceline bought Kayak. I have no idea what it portends but it is worth watching. Most of my hotel bookings and many of my car rentals go through Priceline so I watch any move they make.

Air New Zealand has an excellent Hobbit-themed safety video.

South Africa has one less flight option with the demise of 1time.

If dreaming of opening a luxury hotel in Iraq, check out this WSJ piece.

If it wasn’t urgent enough to experience Myanmar, PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG have both opened shop, and US President Obama will soon visit.

Cranky Flier has an excellent look at Delta’s post-Sandy efforts to reopen JFK.

Royal Caribbean now allows a limited amount of carry-on booze, but watch out for public corkage fees.

Puerto Rico moved a step closer to US statehood.

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