The new Delta website keeps trying to get me to login with Facebook!#?’s latest slather of lipstick has some new features among the immense clutter, shown with screenshots at Point Me to the Plane. Most exciting for me is the test run of online Same-Day Confirmed (SDC), I will be curious to see if it works on the Diamond co-terminal exception. No surprise that the piece that matters most, and is most lacking, award booking and award calendar, is untouched.

My only chance today to play with it was checking the seat maps for my flights tomorrow, and when the map appeared, an obnoxious pop-up to log in with Facebook appeared. This app must be new because as of this morning “9 people use this app.”

DL Facebook

I thought maybe I had accidentally clicked something to incite this unwelcome intrusion, so logged in again tonight and the same thing happened on the seat map. There is an option to cancel but not a “Never invade my privacy like this again” button. Is this a prelude to something like seatmate selection on KLM?

I have a Facebook account and Rapid Travel Chai page, I post some pictures but little else, partly because I don’t understand it, partly because what I do learn immediately and totally changes to something less intuitive (try managing a non-personal ‘fan page’), and partly because I am deeply uneasy about the company and its handling of privacy.

For Delta to do this in such an obnoxious way and without prompting is extremely worrisome to me. If they want to encourage some connection with Facebook they should, at most, have a static, clickable button to launch Facebook, but NOT launch it themselves, pulling my profile.

Readers, am I going overboard or should this disappear now?

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No pop up for me either and I spent almost 2 hours playing with the new site yesterday.


No popup for me.


I see nothing but potential security problems in using Facebook for anything of monetary value, e.g. FF accounts. Also I complained to American about the new login allowing use of your email address instead of your FF number. My email is widely known, my FF is only used when needed. I want the extra layer of security on my FF account.


It’s obnoxious and should disappear. Delta really needs to respect your privacy.


I played around with the new for quite awhile this afternoon, and while there was an option under the “My Delta” tab to connect to Facebook, I was never asked to do so. Are you sure you didn’t select something in the new Profile area?

Rapid Travel Chai

@Caleb – done nothing in my profile or anywhere else, only checked in once and checked my seat map during check-in, and then later started a new session and went directly to the seat map for the same trip and it appeared again.


Don’t forget to post this on Delta’s facebook page 🙂