The best lunch break in Mexico City’s Polanco

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Mexico City’s Polanco is a historically immigrant community of Jewish, Lebanese, Germans and Spanish, home to its shiniest skyscrapers and haute-est shopping. Many visiting businesspeople never leave the area.

The Rapid Traveler’s morning meeting was within view of Carlos Slim’s tribute to the arts (and himself), the Soumaya (English Wikipedia entry). Critics are mixed on the building, but it calls to mind NY’s Guggenheim Museum in its circular, ramped design. It is free to all and loaded with European and Mexican artwork. With a heavy breakfast pressing his belt, The Rapid Traveler happily gave up his lunch for a spin through the museum. Any visitor to the area should carve out time to be stimulated.

Soumaya 1

Soumaya 2Note: much of the online information about the Soumaya is out of date, referencing the museum’s old location, a considerable distance away. The correct address is: Blvd Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 303, Col. Ampliación Granda, Mexico, D.F., C.P. 11529, Tel: 5616 3731. The Polanco Metro stop is not nearby.

Soumaya 3And with a colleague The Rapid Traveler had a dinner of superb tacos, swung through the funky Camino Real Polanco, and capped it with jazz and cherry vodka at a Polish restaurant, what a treat!

Polish Bar 001

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