Take the Free 25 Hertz Points Even if They Don’t Extend Expiration

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Hertz Winter Bonus is live. Register now through March 23, 2016 for 25 free points deposited upon registration.

Hertz Winter Bonus 2016

(Note: the first few times I tried to register it said I was not eligible because it is only open to US and Canada residents. A few hours later I did not get the error. Perhaps no one wants New Jersey, however last I checked it is still part of the US.)

For completed rentals during the promotion, 2/3/5 rentals earn 550, 1100, and 2750 total bonus points, respectively. 2750 is good for a weekly rental.

Popular uses of Hertz points include rentals in pricey markets, one-way rentals (roughly 100% points surcharge) and weekly rentals. Earning them is slow and a tradeoff with other promotions and discounts, such as nice mileage-earning for Delta and United elites on short rentals. Amex’s Daily Getaways usually has buy points promos that can be useful.

Dan’s Deals reports that this will not extend 24-month point expiration. Now, only paid rentals or award rentals count.

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7 years ago

I though Hertz points never expired, remember seeing an email from Hertz a while ago. Does the policy change recently?