This Airport Lounge Let Me Take Away The Bar for Island Happy Hour Back Home

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Nassau’s Graycliff Divans Airport Lounge uses a novel system: rather than complimentary food and drinks buffet-style, guests are given a $20 credit upon entry to spend on food and drink.

Entry is through the Graycliff Boutique, with separate lounges for smokers and non. Graycliff, after all, is a cigar brand.

Nassau Graycliff Divans Airport Lounge

Waitstaff take orders for salads and hot sandwiches. I ordered a roast beef sandwich for $16 with a soft drink.  I went out to the boutique and inspected the bar. First I alighted on soursop. Then my cheating eyes wandered to mangosteen, and around taking in all the beauties: coconut milk, mango, tamaring and the elusive sapodilla.

Nassau Graycliff Divans Airport Lounge Sandwich

Each was $4 and change. I asked the cashier if I could swipe my Priority Pass for another $20 as I had started with Diners Club. Absolutely. She packed all the cans and I had a six pack for the road. With the tasty sandwich, my haul came to $38.

I learned that anyone spending $25 in the store can access the lounge, though not with a gratis $20 credit.

It was not easy to keep those cans unopened long enough to get them home to share with my wife. If she had learned I kept them to myself, it would have been a rough return.

Readers, what do you think of Graycliff’s system? $20 credit for real food and drinks instead of snack buffett. Those of you that have seen many of the (usually lame) Caribbean lounges, do you rank this the best?

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andy shuman
6 years ago

Never been to this lounge, but the Airspace lounge in JFK JetBlue terminal (the name escapes me) operates the same way. I don’t know. If the food is better than you typical lounge food, I guess, I’d be all for it. Quite honestly, with all the fine restaurants opening up in many airports around the world, killing an hour or two is becoming less of an issue.


[…] This Airport Lounge Let Me Take Away The Bar for Island Happy Hour Back Home by Rapid Travel Chai. Personally I like the idea of getting a credit and having nicer food than having all you can eat average buffet style food. […]