Star MegaDO 7 Registration Today 1 pm Eastern: Who Else Gets the Germans and Greeks Together?

Get your aviation geek on for Star MegaDO 7.

Star MegaDO 7Registration opens today, May 9, 2016 at 1 pm Eastern on the official website.

The event is September 13-16 starting in Germany with a day with Lufthansa and proceeds with a charter stopping at the Airbus private airport in Hamburg and then Mykonos, finishing with a day with Aegean in Athens. Pairing the Germans and Greeks together, I appreciate the sense of humor of the organizers.

Some of the benefits, via the organizers:

Aegean’s offer includes Star Alliance Gold Status for all ticket holders and also an opportunity to win hundreds of thousands of points and 5 years of Aegean Gold Status.
Hotel host Starwood will have an exciting promo leading up to the event and Marriott will have a post event promo to be announced in the next week.
The exciting program covers a close and personal encounter with the brand new Bombardier C series, landing at Airbus private airport in Hamburg, Finkenwerder, home of the A320 NEO, all interior installations for the A380 and the A350, a sundowner at the Santa Marina hotel in Mykonos and much more.

I am not involved in the event and have not previously taken part in a MegaDO, though they all look fun and want to share it with readers with an aviation bent.

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