St Vincent & The Grenadines: Gateway to A-List Hedonism

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Mustique, celebrities, private islands, hidden beaches. This is St Vincent & The Grenadines. I missed all that.

My schedule and flights as they were, I had to shorten my St Vincent stop to an evening arrival and early flight out the next morning.

St Vincent Kingtown 04

St Vincent’s airport is served by unreliable LIAT and tiny plane SVG. Many tourists don’t make the effort unless they can fly private so those that do can get a quiet Caribbean experience, accessible to those even on more modest budgets. Even Mustique can be visited as a day trip.

In this series:

I based at the Cobblestone Inn, a historic bulding on Kingtown’s main waterfront drag. Kingstown is mainly a transit point for tourists so there are only a few hotels.

Midrange rooms, I liked the towel folded into a swan. The part about the hot water knob on the shower not working elicited this response, “Could you take a cold shower?” That being the limit of the front desk’s problem solving ability I found the security guard who located a screwdriver and we got it sorted. Attached restaurant is one of the few non-fast food chains in town and had a nice conch dinner.

Cobblestone Inn 01

Cobblestone Inn 02

Cobblestone Inn 03

Cobblestone Inn 04

At dawn I took a quick spin through town to see the market vendors setting up, various gourds being central to local cuisine.

St Vincent Kingtown 01

St Vincent Kingtown 02

St Vincent Kingtown 03

Beware the open storm drains.

St Vincent Kingstown 05

Then it was off to the airport and to my great pleasure, an on-time LIAT flight. The check-in hall has no AC and only one fan, blowing the rear-end of the LIAT agent. Once you pass into immigration, you are hit with a chill of refreshing AC.

St Vincent Airport 01

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[…] St Vincent & The Grenadines: Gateway to A-List Hedonism […]

8 years ago

I dont know if I am the only one, but I am really looking forward to this series finishing eventually. Also looking forward to hear more about virgin island prep/trip. I have always been fascinated by looking at these islands on the map and always undecided about visiting all of them because value/interesting place wise its not really worth it…. but they are still jumping out at me every time I look at the map. BTW, I heard the following about LIAT down in the islands: it exists because a lot of the various island government folk have a stake… Read more »

8 years ago

LIAT = Leave Island Any Time