Caribbean Without the Cruise Ship: My Frequent Traveler University Presentation

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Here’s my Frequent Traveler University presentation Caribbean Without the Cruise Ship.

This is a new talk. The premise is that cruise ships are fine for the cruise, rotten for experiencing an island. If you have been on an island when ships are in port and not, you know the vast difference.

It is more visual than some talks I have posted so the images will have to speak for themselves.

[slideshare id=64817347&doc=caribbeanwithoutthecruiseship-ftuadca2016-160809005655]

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7 years ago

When does the BGI – GND flight with BA run (slide 23)?
I can not find it for the next 6 months on ITA matrix.

7 years ago

Thanks Stefan. I missed this presentation but I enjoyed all your others during the FTU weekend in DC.