Caribbean Tip – Don’t Let Your Phone Auto-Adjust the Time

I got into Grenada this afternoon intending to keep up blog posts with the trip. Predictably I exhausted myself and my first flight of the day tomorrow is scheduled for 6:25 am, so here’s a quick tip instead:

Don’t let your phone auto-adjust time while in the Caribbean. I have both work AT&T and personal T-Mobile and between island hopping in May and back now, my phones  attach to networks like Lime that think they are in places like Jamaica even when I’m not.

Today as an example, most of the day one phone was an hour behind, while the other spent half the day an hour behind and a half on time, until I turned off the auto-adjustment.

I suppose the purpose of most Caribbean trips is to forget the time, though some of us can’t help sticking to a schedule. Now let’s see about LIAT!

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  • augias

    same thing happened to me when traveling in Brazil last year — there are places when the auto-adjust does not work yet…

  • Tracy T.

    Ah! I missed my flight from Nassau in July because my (Verizon) phone was an hour behind. Got to the airport as the plane took off all the while not believing my cab driver when he told me the correct time. Until now I had no idea what caused my phone to do that since I never changed time zones (Florida to the Bahamas). Mystery solved! Thanks!

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @augias – I was in Fernando de Noronha last month and my phone was convinced I was still in Recife, same issue.

  • As weird as it sounds, it happens to me all the time in Moncton, NB, Canada. When I’m in other parts of the province, my phone is fine, displaying Atlantic Time, but as soon as I get to Moncton, it switches to Eastern Time.
    So depending on your phone, it might not only happen in the Caribbean… :/

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Hyacinthe – I’ve been meaning to explore more of the Maritimes, you NB recommendations?

    I have had the phone time issue in other places as well, I wanted to particularly highlight the Caribbean for people focused on that area exclusively (see USA Today Travel for “Even More 10 Things to Do While in St Maarten,” etc) and that I think in multi time zone countries it is a little easier to be alert while on an island, an independent country like Grenada, it seems less likely people will be on the lookout that their phone is registering at an entirely different place, like yesterday I thought I was really going fast until I realized it was not possible.

  • DaninMCI

    I was in Detroit this week and I wish I hadn’t been in that time zone 🙂
    Sorry couldn’t help it. When in the Caribbean I’m usually on holiday so I leave my phone off most of the time and rely on my watch.

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