Barbados: Flying Fish, Grounded Concorde

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“You’ve got time,” the LIAT representative said with a smirk. I wanted to know how late my ‘on schedule’ departure from Barbados would be because, still catching up from tropical storms earlier in the week, my Barbados stop had shrunken to a few hours.

Barbados Bridgetown 02

Unusually for the Caribbean, Barbados’ main attraction is its UNESCO-listed old town in the capital, Bridgetown. Many Caribbean capitals are not attractive and some not places to be after dark. Like Antigua, Barbados is mostly flat and is dotted by resorts and beaches, without major natural attractions in the interior. I love the Barbados trident flag, and I reveled in ways it is used to embellish buildings.

In this series:

Barbados Bridgetown 01

The mix of classic and quirky 1970s architecture in Bridgetown is a delight. Easily my favorite Caribbean capital so far.

Barbados Bridgetown 03

Barbados Bridgetown 04

Barbados Bridgetown 05

I had one meal in Barbados: the requisite flying fish and local juices at Mustor’s.

Mustor's Harbour Bar and Restaurant 01

Mustor's Harbour Bar and Restaurant 02

Adjacent to the airport, noted by the huge hangar with “CONCORDE” painted on the side, is the Barbados Concorde Experience. I did not know the Concorde served London-Barbados. You see the plane and what appears to be excellent exhibits. My flight was only going to be a little late so did not have time to do justice to the rather steep $20 admission so I settled for a peek from the gift shop. This is an excellent option for a layover.

Barbados Concorde Experience 01

Barbados Concorde Experience 02

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[…] Barbados: Flying Fish, Grounded Concorde […]

8 years ago

Yes, many affluent Brits go to BB. As you probably noticed, public transportation is great (bus) and cheap ($1USD). It’s a coral island, but still hilly on the mid-north east side. If you had a day, I suggest taking the bus from Bridgetown to Bathsheba on the rugged east coast. The landscape is beautiful and you get to see the powerful atlantic ocean. Alternatively, a nice spot is Carlisle bay. There’s a small shack between Hilton and Radisson, close to Bridgetown, that makes wonderful fish (marlin) sandwiches for $5 (BBD I think). Add a Banks beer and you get a… Read more »

8 years ago

Sandy Lane has a very strong following amongst Brits and the Concorde service, which was not daily, served basically as a shuttle to the resort.