Sochi Before the Olympics – Sochi/Adler International Airport

A massive new VIP Terminal and a generic domestic terminal.

Sochi/Adler International Airport is putting up the Olympic signs and readying the AeroExpress train.

Sochi Adler International Airport 01

Sochi Adler International Airport 02

Sochi Adler International Airport 03

It is positioned near the Olympics Coastal Cluster, on the road north to the Mountain Cluster. Sochi city proper is some 40 km away west along the coast. There is a small church across the street.

Sochi Adler International Airport 04

The airport is a bit quirky, there is some retail in the main hall, very little inside the domestic departures zone except those Russian cafes that serve drinks and candy bars.

Sochi Adler International Airport 05

The gates have almost no seating. Instead there is a large seating hall. I am not a fan of relying on monitors and announcements, especially when I had just been flown to a different city without realizing it, so I stayed near my gate.

Sochi Adler International Airport 06

Sochi Adler International Airport 07

Oh, and so far, no McDonald’s or Starbucks. Still Russian all the way.

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How about Dunkin?


Am surprised no McDo’s given it’s a huge sponsor of the Olympics.


Seems like Sochi has a long way to go before the Olympics

Rapid Travel Chai

@asar – a long, long way to go. Sochi is a low-end beach destination for domestic tourists and not much more. The city itself is too far from the venues to be relevant. Some hotels are going up but nothing around them, not the glitzy restaurants and shops the Olympic crowd will expect. I expect there will be lots of grumbling from those who attend.


@RTC, i have a feeling most spectators will just go to the country houses to party (i.e. Heineken House, Korea House, etc.)
This won’t be anything like Vancouver from 4 years ago. :/


[…] From there it was on to the Olympic Mountain Cluster and Sochi/Adler International Airport. […]


You know, I didn’t see any McDonald’s in the olympic park whatsoever!!! The only place we saw McDo’s is in Rosa Khutor hotel area. It was the only place that was open 24 hours so we’d see a couple of Americans eating burgers there at 2am!

Rapid Travel Chai

@Joey – interesting, and I was reading that people have been trying to sneak into the NBC center to get Starbucks because they don’t want the McDonald’s. Glad it sounds like you had a great time.


Joey, Not having any McDonalds is a big plus