Delta ‘Shopping Tab’ to Book Phantom Partner Awards – Especially Korean Air

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Yesterday I wrote of my hours of frustration getting Delta agents to add Korean Air segments to an award ticket, despite them being available on Finally a supervisor fired up an ancient system called Delta Term.

milesglu of Miles to Go wrote in with his solution to the same problem, which may be easier for Delta agents:

I was having the same issues trying to book Korean Air seats using Skymiles. I found that almost all agents could not see any availability despite them being open online. Finally got a good agent who tried something else and then suddenly, she was able to see all the seats. I asked her what she did, and she told me she needed to use the “shopping tab” while doing the search on their system, instead of the regular search. From then on, every agent I talked to, I just told them to use the “shopping tab”, and voila, they could immediately see all Korean Air availability!

So another tool to ask agents to try, ‘Shopping Tab.’

When dealing with these agents, especially senior ones, they can sometimes be a bit tetchy on suggestions so be real polite and say something like, “I encountered a system error like this before and would you believe it, the agent said it only worked in shopping tab mode, could you try that?”

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Mike (The #hustle Blog)

Wow no luck on the shopping tab either. Clearly see CZ space on ExpertFlyer & Seth’s tool, but two agents couldn’t see the space normally or via the shopping tab. C’mon, Delta!

9 years ago

Good to know. Past May, I was trying to change an award tix to get my daughter home from AMS afte a semester abroad, as I could route her via FCO on alitalia which was clearly showing on The ffirst two reps couldn’t ‘see’ the seat. Got bumped up to supr and she couldn’t see it either. I expressed my longing to see my daughter in a convincing way and she said ‘let me try this other way to do this’. 5 mins later, done. Except she said she had to charge me $150 fee… Can I assume she… Read more »


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