Delta Closing Heathrow Arrivals Lounge, It’s Virgin Time

Delta is closing its London Heathrow Terminal 3 Arrivals Lounge on September 20, reports Business Traveller. This is the lounge at the bus station.

Delta LHR Arrivals Lounge

This part of the consolidation of all Delta flights with Virgin Atlantic in Terminal 3, leaving most SkyTeam partners in Terminal 4.

Delta business class passengers, and Diamonds and Platinum passengers in economy will now formally have access to the Virgin Revivals Lounge. Yay! Previously access was not written in stone.

The two lounges have similar amenities and catering. Delta lacks the Virgin panache and spa treatments. Delta is so out of the way and not promoted to Delta passengers so its traffic seems limited to those in the know and those directed from Revivals.

Revivals is not large, though the article indicates it is expected to be sufficient for current volume of travelers so will not be expanded.

The only time I visited both lounges, Revivals had a comfortable amount of people and Delta was deserted. I wonder how many eligible passengers know of these lounges and if they do, how many use them instead of getting on with their day.

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I like the arrivals lounge for a spa treatment, refreshing shower and breakfast. Not eating onboard enables me to sleep a bit longer as well.


WR the arrivals lounge is great if you have a layover after a long haul flight. I used the Virgin Atlantic Revivals for a layover I had after my ATL-LHR Virgin flight and was waiting for my British Airways flight from LHR-BCN. I took a nice refreshing shower and had a very nice breakfast before checking in for my next flight with British Airways. You have to remember that using points to get where you want to go means you have to take long layovers with different airlines and thats what happened to me.


@WR Arrivals lounges are designed for business travelers to head straight from a redeye flight to an AM meeting. This is quite common for folks landing into LHR from business markets who arrive early morning and head straight into the City for morning meetings and need to freshen up, get clothes pressed, and have some breakfast


I never understood the point of an arrivals lounge. Why wouldn’t you just want to go straight to your hotel or go home? I guess it might make sense if you have a long wait for your ride, or if you arrive earlier than checkin time, but I can’t think of any other reason, and can’t imagine that these two use cases alone could fill a lounge.