Finally! A Singapore Airport Transit Hotel With Instant Confirmation Online Booking! (And a Great Fitness 3-Hour Package)

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Sinapore Airport is a justly lauded marvel. My only two pet peeves are (1) security check at gates rather than terminal entrance (I loathe any airport that copies this) and (2) the Ambassador Transit Hotel.

In my decade and a half of occasional transits, Ambassador’s booking process has not modernized: fill out the online form, submit, and in 1-2 days hear back that it is sold out. One staff member told me that at least two week advance booking is normally needed to get anything. Walking in and hoping for cancels has not worked for me. None of the many airline and 3rd-party lounges has proper sleeping areas, though Singapore Airlines will let you push chairs together and give you a blanket and pillow. The terminal also has rest areas with chaise lounge chairs.

(Incidentally, why do those curved chaise lounge chairs exist? What is the problem with people laying flat?)

For an upcoming Singapore transit I am able to plan early. It turns out I didn’t have to deal with Ambassador.

There is a new transit hotel called Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel. They have cheaper rates than Ambassador and proper instant confirmation online booking. Hurray!

Aerotel is run by Plaza Premium Group, that of many airport lounges. Priority Pass members can access the lounge, officially limited to 3-hour visit, though do not get Aerotel rooms (we wish!).

Update: William Charles pointed out in the comments that Aerotel is also listed on OTAs. Currently has prices lower than direct bookings, and that earn rewards.


Swim, Eat, Tan, Run, Repeat Package


Until December 31, 2016 Aerotel has a 3-hour US$ 25 package called Swim, Eat, Tan, Run, Repeat Package:

You can swim in the world’s only outdoor pool at the airport, run a mile on the treadmill or elliptical, take a shower to refresh themselves and enjoy one healthy meal with a choice of house wine/ beer/ soft drinks by the pool or in the indoor Library Lounge.

So Long, Ambassador!

Aerotel is located in Terminal 1, Level 3 Departure Transit Lounge (above Gate D41).

I am excited for my stay next month. US$38 for a 6-hour block in a single room. Will Ambassador step up its game or continue to coast?

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William Charles
5 years ago

No, they didn’t ask me to confirm check in time. I think they sell a limited number online and the rest of the slots are for walk ins, not really sure how they manage inventory effectively that way but I preferred it (I ended up checking in later than I would have done in the pre-booking because I grabbed some food first and did a little bit of work). It’s obviously not as nice as the Ambassador, but you’re there to sleep so the price difference doesn’t make sense to me unless you have a lot of money I guess.… Read more »

5 years ago

You didn’t notice the almost the same curved chaise at your fav Incheon airport? The reason is they don’t want you to feeel too comfortable… You have a flight to catch!

William Charles
5 years ago

I stayed here recently, my stay was a bit cheaper (booked with but they were still doing some construction on the hotel. Construction didn’t affect my sleep at all, rooms seem to be nice and soundproof. They are relatively small, but it’s an airport hotel and they do have larger rooms available from memory.

Booking in person seemed to be a lot more expensive and the food options didn’t look great, but plenty of other food options in the airport so not really a big deal. Think I might give the pool a try next time I visit.

5 years ago

Thanks…I thought I had a reservation with Ambassador once only to find out I didn’t when I arrived at Changi. Thanks for sharing this!