Reading for the road – Europe’s fees to Iran’s water parks

US travelers are soon heading out for the slog home after Thanksgiving. The Rapid Traveler wishes all a smooth, safe trip, but a little reading material is always useful to have in reserve.

7 Frequent-Flier Tips Worth Learning (Frommers), by George Hobica from Airefarewatchdog. Good tips including the Aegean Airlines backdoor to Star Alliance Gold status.

The Sleaze of Fees Overseas (Smarter Travel), by Europe Travel guru Rick Steves. Great info on various gotchas and scams, like dynamic currency conversion.

In China, business travelers take extreme precautions to avoid cyber-espionage (Washington Post), by and . Makes The Rapid Traveler miss the fun of life in China.

How Yoga Won the West (New York Times), by Ann Louise Bardach. Interesting seed of the craze that has swept the US.

Iran’s Wet Blankets Put a Damper on Water-Park Fun (Wall Street Journal, subscription required),  by Farnaz Fassihi. Great fun on the secular, playful tendencies in Iranian society.

Crowd-Sourcing for Travel Advice (New York Times), by Michelle Higgins. Facebook-centric tools for those who embrace Facebook as the new AOL, as in Facebook = Internet.

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