The Thanksgiving cherimoya and strolling Santiago

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“Scratch under the surface” are the watchwords identifying pleasant places without must-see attractions. The Rapid Traveler heard that from all quarters about Santiago, Chile. Service is hardly Chile’s strong suit, and prices are high, so those in traversing Santiago on the long north-south route or over to Easter Island should get out for a walk, aided by Santiago’s excellent Metro, which only lacks an airport connection.

The Rapid Traveler and Mrs first attempted, without proper research, to take the cable car (teleférico) up to Cerro San Cristóbal. It has been closed at least since 2010 and shows no sign of activity. The furnicular on the western side of the park is purported to operate but it was not worth the long subway trip to test it out.

Instead they headed to Plaza de Armas, a typical town square made lively by various stunts and the crowds they attract. This model was trying to achieve something, and certainly attracted plenty of mobile phone cameras, but The and Mrs gave up as nothing seemed to be climaxing. And Mrs would not permit anything to derail the pursuit of a seafood garden at the Mercado Central. Interestingly, at several fruit stands the vendors refused to let her handle the fruit to test its freshness, so no purchases were made.

Chile Argentina 007

Chile Argentina 012

The walk over to the presidential palace (Palacio de la Moneda) was architecturally enjoyable.

Chile Argentina 017

A new Thanksgiving tradition was begun: rather than hunt down turkey, The and Mrs enjoyed a pair of sumptuous cherimoyas.

Chile Argentina 020

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10 years ago

I enjoy Border Rio on the banks of the Mapocho River when I go to Santiago. There are various restaurants and bars, but don’t go until at least 9 pm, as only a few places open by 7.