I Just Punted on Berlin

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Last week I had family matters in Shanghai, heading there Monday and a quick turn back Friday for Chicago Seminars. Delta Diamond Medallion Global Upgrade Certificates did not clear so I was in the back on packed flights.

The weekend was fantastic, seem radio host Ramblin Randy’s effusive review that I am almost blushing too much to link to myself. 3 days on stage leaves me needing my introvert recovery time. Instead, I pushed to Germany for a quick trip linking up Chicago and my conference next weekend in Colorado Springs.

The flight over was trademark United, skimpy food and half-size utensils, with no reading lights working. I was next to halitosis guy, one of the hardest seatmates to have – just when you get a respite, it wafts back over.

I have never been to Berlin. I hit the ground running, picking up my rental car and spending the morning out at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

By 11:30 I was bound back to the city for a packed plan of WWII and Cold War sites. I was driving through a golden-leaf forest, pulled off the road at a hiking trail parking spot, and promptly slept under the sun for four hours.

I woke up, still planning to at least make my 8:30 pm Reichstag ticket. Instead, I got to the guest house, found the neighborhood döner kebab shop, had the Big Döner, checked in and went to sleep.

The Big Doner

Sorry, Berlin, I’ll be back. In my research I realized Berlin, more than any other European city, on paper is one I want to spend a solid chunk of time.

Today it is off to Lutherland for the Reformation 500th. I am a week ahead of the big day. I am expecting a great time, starting with Wittenburg this morning.

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5 years ago

My lord..that jacket of flags he wore is so tacky

5 years ago

I love Berlin – there is so much to see and do. And it’s generally a good value, too!