The Autobahn is a Tease

I had visions of 200 km/h blasting open top over the German countryside with a pulsating Euro techno beat.

I achieved that about 2 km at a time. There appears to be a German regulation, or perhaps inclination, to have every road under construction, from massive repaving to tinkering diversions.


Yesterday I drove a route of Berlin – Lutherstadt Wittenberg – Eisleben – Erfurt – Bamberg. There would be a stretch of a good 2 km where everyone would open it up, then inevitably the speed drop signs would appear 120, 100, 80, 60…traiffic would merge to one lane and crawl to the next jail break.

Now I know why Google Maps has all those massive drive times – I did not make it to Eisenach/Wartburg, my final Luther trail stop. Fantastic day, though. On to Nuremburg!

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dan luttrell

Since the autobahn has speeds that are adjusted based in traffic volume it is frustrating I think. You really have to travel at off hours to have it wide open. For example the “cool kids” (old rich adults) like to drive the ring around Munich late in the evening where they can show off the true speeds of those super fast German cars. So its all about timing. Much like rush hour in large US cities.


Stefan, the town names are Eisleben and Bamberg.
The Wartburg in Eisenach is worth a visit. Hope you saw the Kraemerbruecke in Erfurt – it’s a charming town.

I believe that trucks are prohibited on the Autobahn on Sundays, which can make that a nicer day to travel – but congestion and construction seem to be a fact of life on many Autobahns. The Germans are quite serious about driving on the right except to pass outside the congested areas, and the Autobahn has quite a range of speeds


Stefan you should be used to road repair season after living in Minnesota!

Leon Ruch

…and Lutherstadt Wittenberg, not Wittenburg, despite the fact that there is a castle (burg) in the city, and no mountain (berg) nearby. Go figure.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

I managed to confuse all my burg and berg in one post, fixed, thanks for pointing it out.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

I did see the Kraemerbruecke while walking with a nice doner!

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

That must be quite the event, I have not visited Munich so if I can stay up as late as them when I visit, I’ll see if I can spot them.