Does Air Canada Have the Better Business Class Lounge in Frankfurt?

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I always hear about Lufthansa’s First Class flight experience and First Class Lounge in Frankfurt. What about business class? Well, the ‘new’ business class seat would make road warriors circa 2004 pretty happy. How about the lounges?

Of course if you have a few hours you should bop into Frankfurt or other nearby cities. You’ll use that lounge after for the shower, so should how about Lufthansa’s lounges? They have sterile layouts with nice facilities and food. Cannot find anything to criticize or to excite. The standard business class lounges, especially in the Z pier for US-bound flights, can be mobbed. The Senator lounges open to those with Star Alliance Gold are visually similar, with everything a bit nicer, and much less crowding. I forgot to take pictures so you’ll have to check the million+ blogosphere posts on Lufthansa.

Since I came in on Air Canada I heard that in the B pier there is an Air Canada lounge open all day, which is open to Star Alliance Gold members on Star Alliance flights. It is tucked away up one level, near the public showers. There is little crowding, even before an Air Canada departure.

Air Canada Frankfurt Airport Maple Leaf Lounge 01

Facilities and food-wise it is a toss-up with Lufthansa. I like the semi-private rooms with chaise loungers and TVs. By the way, what do airlines have against lying flat in lounges when they can on the plane? Off to one wing there is a conference-room style business area with proper desks and electrical outlets, a vanishing amenity in many lounges. There are more Canadian publications that you might think exist, but few of the main international publications.

Air Canada Frankfurt Airport Maple Leaf Lounge 02

Air Canada Frankfurt Airport Maple Leaf Lounge 03

Air Canada Frankfurt Airport Maple Leaf Lounge 04

Air Canada Frankfurt Airport Maple Leaf Lounge 05

Air Canada Frankfurt Airport Maple Leaf Lounge 06

Why did I like it better? Because it has style. In Lufthansa’s lounges I feel like I am in modular housing.

One last reminder: do your layover on the town!

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8 years ago

But European men in the LH lounge are way much more well dressed, well behaved and on average much more good looking than those sloppy and disgusting polo/ T- shirt style guys (from U.S or Canada?) And these kind of people usually speak very loud. So as a female passenger, I will still choose LH lounge.

8 years ago

interesting. shower in the AC lounge?

8 years ago

I so much prefer the ambience at Air Canada Lounge it’s modern, sophisticated yet approachable. The staff are much friendlier too. Plus the LH lounges look like they are furnished by IKEA.

8 years ago

Your last sentence says it all. I was about to say I was surprised you went to the lounge since just a few days ago you recommended travelers with long connections in FRA to actually leave the airport and see the town.