Please Facebook Share Only With Yourself – AAdvantage Passport Challenge

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American Airlines’ AAdvantage Passport Challenge is a new facebook game that earns miles for plane flyers and keyboard jockeys. View from the Wing has a helpful walk-through. Filling out all the quizzes, shares, and likes I have earned 1,150 miles today, and hopefully not annoyed anyone.

Earlier in the year, when Choice Privileges had an addictive game that involved bonuses for social media shares, a helpful reader pointed out that on facebook it is possible to share with ‘Only Me,’ so as to not annoy one’s contacts.

On the facebook share pop-up, click the people icon drop-down in the bottom left and select ‘Custom.’

Share Only Me 1

Then for ‘These people or lists,’ select ‘Only Me.’

Share Only Me 2

Please note this must be done with every share. I have not found a way to set that option as default and doubt facebook would ever let that be an option for default.

The promoter still records the share so there is no issue receiving the miles.

This does not address what AA and its partners may do with all the permissions granted by participation in the game. At least this avoids a flood of share from your own hand.

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Jeff W
Jeff W
8 years ago

Why not create a separate FB acct for all ventures like this. I have one for all my travel stuff. No friends on it so no chance to annoy folks. No real personal info. Inky use it when I need it.

Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago
Reply to  Jeff W

@Jeff W – agree that is a good approach, especially for people frequently using facebook for these kinds of promotions.