Panamá City’s UNESCO districts: newer old city next

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The sun set and I took a taxi along the Pacific coast from Panamá Viejo to Casco Viejo, the small peninsula of presidential mansion, churches, squares, and coastal views, that combines with Panamá Viejo as a UNESCO site.

The last evening of the 3-day Independence Day weekend I expected the area to be lively, especially since the day prior I could not drive in as the surrounding blocks were cordoned off. Instead it was nearly deserted, very little of of the boutique hotel/trendy bar/swanky shopping scene found in many such historic districts. No backpacker ghetto either.

The sights all closed up for the night and a steady, light rain, I strolled around for a bit and then headed for dinner with colleagues.

Worth a stroll but not the best place to be based in as traffic is tight and activity is little.

Casco Viejo 003

Casco Viejo 002

Casco Viejo 001

Casco Viejo 004

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