North Korea Victory Day: First Stop – Duty Free

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Duty free at Beijing Airport is the must-see before a flight to North Korea.

The elite of North Korean society stock up, carrying away absurd quantities of cigarettes and alcohol. I felt puny with only four cartons for gifts.

North Korea Victory Day 001

North Korea Victory Day 004

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9 years ago

Thank you so mush for your effort you know there are so many readers like me love you so much and look forward to your new article. I hopefully you got to meet the tour guides last time. You seems a little bit sad last time to say goodbye. I also forgot you are a businessman at daytime and 007…no I mean traveler at spare time LOL

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@Shannon – let me make it up to you over the weekend. I really exhausted myself the past few weeks but wanted to at least get started with some warm-up posts this week.

9 years ago

Ah! Thought you will keep the systematic style of the trip report like your Iran and Ireland series…now you obviously got back to old road ” the sporadic style” 🙁 Would be nice if you had a small introduction and an outline of the installment