Chai Digest: No LGA Express, Shielding from Spying, and more

A quick week, I have not had a chance to collect many reads.

New York’s MTA has dropped plans for an improved M60 route through Manhattan to LaGuardia due to opposition from ‘community leaders’ and merchants on affected streets. Pathetic and predictable. There has always been a glaring need for express and local versions of the M60. An express for travelers and airport workers stopping only at the key subway transfer points and then a local for residents along the route.

Meanwhile, the MTA is going to make some improvements to what a friend calls the ‘Mythical G,’ the forgotten subway line that is constant irritant to those who depend on it.

I have researched a Maldives trip preciously and never seen the appeal and value for me. If I want to go to a beach, which is rare for me, I do not want to fly around the world and take multi-hundred dollar airport transfers. And Male gets thumbs down from just about every traveler. Just Another Points Traveler shares her perspective that would probably chime with my own should I ever make the trip. The comments are interesting, some people get quite defensive. I can relate, when I put so much into a trip I don’t want to admit when it is disappointing. Others clearly genuinely love their Maldives experience.

How To Protect Your Communications From The NSA And Other Spy Agencies When Traveling (foXnoMad).

Megastore for Thai Monks Brings One-Stop Retail to Buddhism (WSJ).

What makes a perk work (FT).

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I agree with Carl. I don’t understand why people ignore the Q33 which is just as convenient and without the crowds and 125th st. rush hour congestion. If your final destination is midtown/downtown manhattan, just take the 33 to last stop and hop on E, F, M or R.

I can’t stand to see huge lines of people waiting 30+ min for the M60, while 3-4 33’s pass by in that same time period practically empty. . It seems silly considering almost half the passengers are headed below 96th st.

Rapid Travel Chai

@M – I agree. When we lived Upper West Side I was tormented by the M60.


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Interesting take by Angelina – it matches what I’d expect from reading all of those positive reviews – nice place, remote, not a ton to do, expensive, lots of couples, questionable value as the primary destination for the trip. I’d do it as part of a trip to Sri Lanka or similar, though.

The level of vitriol generated in the comments did surprise me for sure.

Rapid Travel Chai

@matt – Sri Lanka is one of my favorties destinations and I a great alternative for India, especially for those with little time.


The resorts on the Maldives are insanely expensive. But also very high quality. The remoteness and expense of getting there keeps it from being so overrun, so as a couples experience it can be beautiful and peaceful.

But you’d better go with your lover and be prepared to chill

Q33 is an alternative to the M60. It goes to/from the Jackson Heights E F R M 7 stop. It doesn’t seem as prone to bunching as the M60. I don’t understand why local merchants would have cared about improving the M60 – though I doubt there would be many improvements possible as 125th St in Manhattan is crowded, and the TriBoro bridge is not being expanded I’m sure the taxi and shuttle industry doesn’t want to see improved bus service or an Airtrain built to LGA – an Airtrain to Jackson Heights or the Astoria Blvd Q N stop… Read more »

The myriad airport shuttles companies, plus taxi lobby = never gonna be a cheap easy way to La Guardia.