If You Get Approved for the Sapphire Reserve, You’ll Have to Spend More Time on the New Chase Site

A lot of buzz on the rumored/most likely to be true Chase Sapphire Reserve, how awesome it may be and machinations to get approved.

Battling last night with the new Chase site to add a new pay-from bank account and to pay my bills made me dread adding another card. This site was ‘adapted to today’s consumer.’ No option to revert to classic. My business accounts have not yet been touched.

New Chase Site

Among the nonsense preventing me from accomplishing banking:

That’s why Chase is personalizing the site by showing photos from the local area. “It’s a concept that has resonated with users of our mobile app,” said Josh Klenert, the company’s executive director of user experience and design.

The new design also connects with consumers through stories they’ll find relevant. The News & Stories section, which appears front and center on the redesigned home page, features content that’s not about interest rates or credit lines, but about real people and the ways they live and enjoy their lives.

They took the app and stuck it on the web, ignoring that customers choose computers over mobile devices when they want productivity, not entertainment:

Lessons learned from app design have influenced the changes to Chase.com, Klenert said. For instance, mobile app users often prefer to scroll continuous feeds, like on Facebook or Twitter, instead of clicking links and waiting for new pages to load. That’s how the News & Stories section works.

The page also uses use images and storytelling to “add a bit of humanism into this world, which can be too dry,” Parsey said. “Why can’t we have fun too?”

Meanwhile, for all the cosmetic damage, how can they still only provide 90 days of transaction activity?

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Yes of 3 accounts, 1 has this new and exciting look. It’s a bit of pain to navigate and I don’t think it looks any better. Hate it when companies think they know what consumers like.


I guess the banks are just innovating in the same vein as how Delta innovated with its backup systems. Lets hope their innovations don’t screw up as badly as Delta.


Wife’s new account has this garbage. What crap. A lot of the stuff I want to see is really hard to find/possibly gone. I really wonder if these people get any feedback from regular bank users at all.


I think the worst part about the redesign is the lost productivity. The old Chase website was extremely usable and easy to accomplish tasks on. They’re a bank, why would they need to engage users for non-banking activities? They arent selling ads there. No reason to keep me on the page longer than need be.


Glad I’m not the only one to HATE the new site – almost as much as the mind-numbingly awful Citigold site.


i’m still able to access my business cards on the old site through chaseonline.chase.com. still stuck on the new site with my personal cards even when using this link.


i even have an issue where it will save one of my usernames in the login field and it’s impossible to erase it to use another login. you have to delete chase cookies in your browser to log in. sux.