Most Lucrative Rental Car Promo is Back and Even Better? National One Two Free

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National has brought back One Two Free promo that will run from today, August 25, 2016 to January 31, 2017. Thanks to Frequent Miler for the tip off that registration is live.

The general promo page is here. If you do not have an Emerald Club account and choose to use my refer-a-friend link here, I will get a 300 point bonus if you complete a rental. I will not get a bonus if you already have an account. Once you register, you can access your own refer-a-friend link.

National One Two Free

The headline award is 300 points earned for every rental. 600 points earns a rental award day. Rental award days exclude taxes, fees and add-ons so are not ‘free.’

The terms include a long list of additional bonus activities, I bold two of particular interest:

  • Preregistered Bonus Points: 300 bonus points when you preregister for the Promotion.
  • Preregistered Rollover Points: Points earned during the 2015 Promotion are rolled over when you register for the 2016 Promotion.
  • Redeem a Free Rental Day: One-time bonus of 300 points when you redeem a Free Rental Day earned during the 2015 ONE TWO FREEsup>® Promotion.
  • Mobile App Download: One-time bonus of 25 points when you download the National Car Rental App.
  • Mobile App Rental: 75 points when you reserve using the National Car Rental App and complete the rental.
  • Refer A Friend: 300 points for each Refer A Friend who enrolls in Emerald Club and completes a Qualifying Rental. Limited to 10 Refer A Friend bonuses for up to 3,000 points.
  • Email Opt-In: One-time bonus of 50 points when you opt in to receive Emerald Club emails, which provide useful information, special offers and savings opportunities.
  • Opt In: Virtual Credentials: Virtual Credentials: One-time bonus of 50 points when you opt in to receive your next membership kit electronically.
  • Weekend Rental: One-time bonus of 100 points when you rent two to four days with a Saturday night keep (in addition to the points you earn for completing a Qualifying Rental).
  • Weeklong Rental: One-time bonus of 200 points when you rent for five days or more (in addition to the points you earn for completing a Qualifying Rental).
  • Neighborhood Rental: 200 points when you rent with Enterprise Rent-A-Car at neighborhood locations (excludes airport locations). Limit to three bonuses for up to 600 points.
  • Emerald Reserve Service: One-time bonus of 25 points when you access the Emerald Reserve Service to receive a specific car class — Convertible, Minivan, SUV or any other vehicle.
  • Available only at major airports throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • Latin American or Caribbean Rental: 300 points when you rent at participating locations in Latin American and the Caribbean.
  • Rent in Europe: 300 points when you rent at participating locations in Europe (through Enterprise Rent-A-Car).
  • Take Our Survey: 50 points when you complete a brief Emerald Club survey.
  • Add SiriusXM: One-time bonus of 300 points when you add SiriusXM Satellite Radio to a Qualifying Rental at participating locations in the Continental U.S. (additional fees apply).


Quick takes:

  • Adding SiriusXM to a one-day rental will earn a total 600 points for that rental – earning one rental award day
  • Once you have an award day, using it during the promotion will earn 300 points and get you halfway to your next
  • The item about preregistration I don’t know, there is no link for it
  • Enterprise rentals do not count except the 200 point neighborhood location bonus you can earn 3 times, as well as locations in Europe where Enterprise services National rentals
  • Read the extensive FAQ for other questions, such as earning on long rentals

Some of these bonuses are new or I did not pay enough attention to prior iterations of One Two Free.

This is the most generous recurring rental car awards days promo and great to see it return. National is my preferred rental experience when the price is right. National generally charges a premium to other options so hunt around for deals.

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