Free Citi Bike Jersey City Day Passes this Weekend Aug 26-28, Who’s Up for a Ride and Feed Outing?

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Citi Bike Jersey City is providing free day passes for this weekend, August 26-28 as it expands from 35 to 50 docking stations. Get your pass here. The promotion is sponsored by CarePoint Health.

Citi Bike Jersey City

Who is in for a ride and feed outing? Tour Liberty State Park, run the MS Staples-CVS-Simon Mall-Post Office chute with a wistful nod to Target, enjoy the nascent food and hipster scene around Grove Street and Hamilton Park. We are in town for the weekend and if there is interest we will lead a tour. Let me know in a comment to this post or email to stefan -at- Give your preferred day and morning or afternoon.

Coming from NYC, PATH gets you over to Jersey City. Weekends to Christmas the 33rd Street line is closed so you need to hop on at WTC.

FYI: those with Citi Bike New York memberships will find the program is fully interoperable (drawn your own conclusions on the day pass giveaway, though I am not going to game a giveaway sponsored by a hospital). Jersey City had the foresight and persistence to link the systems up while Hoboken went its own way.

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