This Airport Lounge Has a Boarding Gate, Moving Walkway, and Yes, Rambutans!

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Mumbai Airport’s new Terminal 2 is distinctive, a visually interesting blend of modern (the textured white pillars) and hints of India (the palm leaf lamps that open and close to adjust brightness).

BOM Terminal 2

The permanent lounge is not quite ready so some lower level gates have been commandeered to make a temporary lounge. I believe that improvisation is locally called Jugaad. Not many lounges in the world with boarding gates and moving walkways.

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 01

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 02

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 03

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 05

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 04

There is a great food selection, numerous Indian dishes, desserts like Earl Gray pannacotta, and, echoing my favorite airport lounge in the world, a big pile of rambutans.  No better way to wait for a flight than munch rambutans.

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 07

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 08

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 09

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 06

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8 years ago

is it possible to buy a day pass to this lounge? even if flying economy?


Levy Flight
Levy Flight
8 years ago

I feel the need for a trip to India. Thanks for the reminder. Itchy feet and wanting tastebuds.