Mexico City is underrated and overworried

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The Rapid Traveler knew another business trip to Mexico City was due when International SOS Security Advisories began bombarding his inbox with tales of mayhem around Mexico. He always jokes with his employer’s Miami-based travel department about why he never receives such emails when traveling to Miami. Miami is a great place but like any major US city it would be easy to pick out daily violent crime to strike fear into travelers.

Security is no joke but Mexico City is hardly a warzone. The Rapid Traveler takes all the standard precautions along with his 3 Ds of travel security: avoid being drunk, drugged or debauched. And avoid venues where that is common. This lesson was imprinted on him during his college days in West Philadelphia when violent crime disproportionately befell inebriated students wandering around alone in the wee hours.

Mexico City has surprisingly clean air and pleasant weather nearly year-round. It is brimming with stunning architecture and has a passel of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Last visit The Rapid Traveler saw Mexican wrestling at Arena de Mexico and then stayed over on a Saturday to see Teotihuacan, Xochimilco, and the UNAM campus. Last night between meetings and dinner The Rapid Traveler slipped down the road to the Zócalo, and tomorrow he plans to seek out the Luis Barragán House and Studio, near the Museum Nacional de Antropología. Carlos Slim’s stunning Soumaya Museum may have to wait for another trip.

Mexico City 1

Hilton with a view

Mexico City 2

St Francis at Iglesia de Santo Domingo

Business trips are often packed, but just by skipping that hour in the hotel bar, a tremendous amount can be accomplished, especially in countries where dinner is served late. And The Rapid Traveler has never met colleagues or business partners offended at him taking an interest in their culture.

MEX (10)

Setting sun and back for a business dinner

Readers, what are your favorites in Mexico City?

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