Lima’s Sumaq: almost the perfect airport lounge

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The Rapid Traveler spent yesterday in Lima Airport’s Sumaq Club, getting his flight schedule in synch for Easter Island. He had a lot of work to catch up and will be in Lima on the return, so decided to stay inside the airport. His Lan ticket gave him access to the Sumaq Club, and though not large, it has almost everything that makes a great club:

  • Open 24 hours.
  • Great breakfast with variety, healthy options, and lots of fruit. The Rapid Traveler gorged on grenadillas. And even a juicer for orange juice!
  • Tolerable finger food throughout the day, not just junk.
  • Good wi-fi.
  • Functioning printer.
  • Storage lockers with LOCKS.
  • Sleeping area: the staff even note passenger flights on a whiteboard and wake them for boarding.
  • Showers.

The downsides at Sumaq:

  • Few electric outlets.
  • Business center only has desks with desktop computers, no empty desks for laptops users.

The big bonus:

  • Garden courtyard! With electric outlets!

For a third-party lounge Sumaq is really remarkable. It does not have some of the lavish add-ons of famous airline-run lounges, but it does so much right.

LIM Sumaq 001

LIM Sumaq 002Readers, what makes a lounge great for you?

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8 years ago

Are you kidding me? It is easily one of the worst airport lounge I have ever used.

The finger food is junk. think sandwich bread with butter cut in quarters and olives.

The wi-fi is horrible. You would be luck to get 1mbps, and you will get kicked out every 10-15min.

The lounge is ALWAYS crowded from about 7pm to midnight. You will not find a place to sit.

The staff are just bitter unfriendly people.

You’re better staying outside

Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago
Reply to  Hudson

@Hudson – I guess for LatAm lounges I don’t expect functioning wifi or pleasant stuff, so subconsciously give all a pass on that. The orange juicer and grenadillas seduced me. I have only been there in morning so did not experience big crowds.


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9 years ago

Were you flying FC, BC, or economy to access SUMAQ w LAN boarding pass?

Thx, Joe

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  Joe

@Joe – I was in business class that time. They have a second lounge next door, same company, just a little step down, that is accessible with Priority Pass and Diners Club, if you have them.


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10 years ago

Awesome…that looks great!