I Didn’t Know Korean Air Economy Also Has On-Demand Instant Noodles

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On the overnight from Seoul-Incheon down to Brisbane, I saw instant noodles appearing, here, there everywhere. I had flown Korean Air economy many times though somehow never noticed others ordering instant noodles where a hankering hit.

When I a flight attendant glided by, I requested one, too.

She said, “They are spicy,” with a glance that I wasn’t up to the task.

I said, “Yes, they are Korean!” with a smile.

Korea Air Instant Noodles

I had my noodles and enjoyed them. Korean Air’s Korean dishes are among the best in the sky, though portions are modest so the top up was perfect.

I am not sure if this is all flights or only long-haul. Now you are on notice to ask.

Those in business class get instant noodles with full plate service as well as the mid-flight cookies.

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6 years ago

You can enjoy instand noodles (all flight long) between AUH an ICN on EY, too. They serve it as a snack.

6 years ago

CX definitely still offer instant noodles between North American and Hong Kong. Actually it is a nightmare when first passenger starts to ask for it and suddenly the whole cabin becomes Revolutionary square.

6 years ago

CI used to offer instant noodles too on long haul. CX still does I think.

6 years ago

Not sure about OZ Y but they serve ramen in bowls to J pax too. Koreans and their Shin Ramen 😛