[Update: Beware] Act Today 6/30 If You Forgot the JetBlue Status Match/Challenge but are Doing the Virgin America PointsMatch Deal

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Update: 7/1 17:42 EDT: reports now that JetBlue is honoring the promo, see View from the Wing.

Update 6/30 20:18 EDT: reports coming in on sources such as Dan’s Deals Forums of JetBlue changing terms of the PointsMatch promotion requiring that Virgin America points be earned from flying, not transfers. JetBlue has not changed the public terms of PointsMatch and has not made official comment on the contradictory actions by their agents. If you have already been enrolled in PointsMatch, then by all means go for the Status Match tonight. If you have not enrolled in PointsMatch or are pending, it won’t hurt to go ahead with Status Match unless they later preclude you from some future match, however it is looking iffy if you will get PointsMatch. On its own, having Mosaic through end of 2016 will be useful to some.

Dan’s Deals sent a helpful status match reminder on JetBlue’s current offer, expiring today, 6/30/16. Register here.

(See here for more on the JetBlue -Virgin America PointsMatch which you have until 7/4 to register, and may need a few days’ lead-time to put the necessary points in position.)

JetBlue Mosaic Match Challenge

The following status levels are match to Mosaic through 2016 and automatically enrolled in a challenge to gain Mosaic through 2017 by earning 3,750 base points (at 3 per $1 on JetBlue airfare, that’s $1,250) in 90 days:

  • Virgin America®: Elevate® Silver, Elevate® Gold
  • Alaska Airlines®: Mileage Plan™; MVP® Gold or MVP® Gold 75k
  • American Airlines®: AAdvantage Platinum® or Executive Platinum®
  • Delta®: SkyMiles Medallion® Gold, Platinum or Diamond
  • Southwest Airlines®: Rapid Rewards® A-List Preferred or Companion Pass
  • United®: MileagePlus® Premier® Gold, Platinum or Premier1K®
  • Emirates: Emirates™; Skywards‎ Silver, Gold or Platinum

Those without any of the above status can register for the challenge.

Act today if you want it!

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6 years ago

Its simple. People are dumb as a rock. They want the points and do not even fly on Jet Blue.
So why bother ? These people clog up the system.

Jet Blue says TAKE A PICTURE of your Virgin Airlines home page account,add your name and Jet Blue account number.

Just attach the picture to the email.

Done Deal

6 years ago

Sorry to hear you guys are caught in the fracas. Hopefully, JetBlue will honor the terms of the original offer and approve everyone if they make today’s deadline. That would be the right thing to do. Naturally, they probably never expected to be issuing so many thousands upon thousands of miles, so they’re stuck. Indeed, reports seem to be a mixed bag. I decided not to go for it, since I need my Starpoints for a large redemption coming up next year, and I’ve never flown JetBlue, and likely never will. Best of luck and enjoy Down Under!

6 years ago

Actually, given the mess. you may want to change your headline and actually caution people in the body of the post, so they know what they’re getting into and the increased likelihood, now, that the terms of the offer won’t be honored…

6 years ago

I sent in the screenshot to pointsmatch@jetblue.com three days ago and still have heard nothing.

Is there any recourse?

I resent it yesterday to no avail.