A Kickstarter for Us Peru Fans

Peru ranks high for many of us world travelers. When a student at my alma mater wrote to share his kickstarter pitch, I took notice.


The textile industries in much of Latin America and Africa have been overwhelmed by cheap Asian imports (and in some areas, donor clothes from countries such as the US have provided a double-whammy).

PATOS are “fresh, handcrafted sneakers with traditional textiles and employ artisans in Peru with every pair sold.”

The project goal of $45,000 is 76% funded with 9 days to go, closing October 14, 2016.

This interests me to take a look and share with other like-minded travelers. I am not affiliated with the project, do not have information beyond what is public, and cannot guarantee the project or its representations. Any decision you make with regard to this kickstarter is your own responsibility.

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