Global Entry Adding 9 Airports…5 of Which Already Have Global Entry

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Federal Register Announcement: Expansion of Global Entry to Nine Additional Airports triggered a flurry of reporting. 9 new airports by April 3, 2017. Yay!


…though  some of the airports look awfully familiar. USA Today properly notes that several already have Global Entry. Specific start dates for the others not yet announced.

Here are the 9:

  • Fairbanks, Alaska (FAI) – already has Global Entry
  • Burlington, Vermont (BTV) – already has Global Entry
  • Oakland, California (OAK) – already has Global Entry
  • San Jose, California (SJC) – already has Global Entry
  • Sacramento, California (SMF) – already has Global Entry (note on official list, however see SMF airport announcement from July)
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (MSY) – date TBD
  • Kansas City, Missouri (MCI) – date TBD
  • St. Louis, Missouri (STL) – date TBD
  • Houston (Hobby), Texas (HOU) – date TBD

By the way, anyone else finding that Global Entry machines are running slower and more prone to freeze the past couple months?

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So I guess it wasn’t USA Today’s fault then. SJC’s GE kiosk has been in place since 2014, so I don’t understand how/why they are announcing an expansion into SJC unless they’re putting in another kiosk.


I noticed this as well. If they’re expanding the number of available airports I wish they would also expand the number of interview locations. Being based in Sacramento we’re having to fly down to LAS for our global entry appointments because its the only place where the time slots work with our schedule. SFO is the closest but even that is a two hour trip each way.


Yes! I was at SFO on Sunday and of the six machines, only 3 of them “worked”. The machine I got was not able to read my passport, so I manually entered. Still better than waiting in the lines, but it could be so much more efficient.