Double -guay and Iguazu – the plan

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“How are you today, sir?”

“Darn happy to be skipping town.”


  1. JFK, Lan check-in terminal 8, lounges at terminal 4 (The Lounge, weak, with Diners Club, The Oasis, excellent, with Delta Sky Club), fly to Santiago, Chile.


  1. Connect on Pluna to Montevideo, Uruguay.
  2. Overland to Sierras de Mahoma, stay overnight.
  3. Maybe squeeze in Colonia de Sacramento. Even though sworn off faded colonial towns, a UNESCO site is always alluring.


  1. Montevideo to Asuncion, Paraguay on Pluna.
  2. Overland through the missions to Encarnacion, an 8-hour drive.
Missión Santísima Trinidad de Paraná (Paraguay 2008)

Trinidad de Parana, Paraguya, photo by paularps


  1. The UNESCO-listed Jesuit Missions.
  2. On to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina and Iguazu Falls.


  1. Cross to Foz de Iguacu, Brazil and see the falls again.
  2. Lan flight to Lima.


  1. Redeye to JFK.
  2. Straight to office, suit and comb waiting in office.
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Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@Richard – well, I did work all day Fri and the flight was not until 20:00. 😉

10 years ago

FIVE DAYS! You’re losing it…

Slothy traveller, coming soon to BA blog near you.

The Weekly Flyer
10 years ago

That is serious Rapid travel. Looking forward to report.


[…] Kay requested better detail on itineraries, so step one was cribbing from blogging studs Wandering Aramean and […]

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@Kay – thanks for the feedback, when I get back I will put up a map and the final details of how it worked (or didn’t).

And I hope PR is a delight!

10 years ago

Have fun! I’m taking advantage of the long weekend myself with a mini-vacay in Puerto Rico. It’d be great to see a map of the area you cover. I love your trip reports, and might copy your itiniraries one day, but I do get confused about logistics.

Kelly Henry
Kelly Henry
10 years ago

Do not miss Colonia de Sacramento – it is a winner of UNESCO colonial cities. Also, Paraguayan and Argentine missions are also winners.

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago
Reply to  Kelly Henry

@Kelly – it will be a bit of a stretch to reach Colonia, but I may slip it in between dusk and dinner! It looks to be only an hour each way from the ranch.

10 years ago

Enjoy Stefan!

10 years ago

Sounds like a great trip! Looking forward to your report.

Jimmy @TravelByPoints
10 years ago

Nice! Is this the plan, or something completed? We just got back. Thanks to your referral, we stayed at that Hostal Akapu. Hired a taxi driver (Spanish-speaking only) for a full-day tour of the island. Unable to buy tickets for Huayna Picchu, but hiked to Intipunku instead (last leg of the Inca Trail). The whole trip still feels a bit like a dream. (Too RAPID!)