Snow Day: Time for 94 IHG Priceless Surprises Envelopes Before It’s Too Late?

The IHG Priceless Surprises promotion runs through February 15, 2016. Without having to stay at any of their hotels, you can mail in up to 94 entries and expect to earn in the neighborhood of 47,000 points on up to big prizes. That is if all goes well. Posted experiences are all over the map, from a Deals We Like reader winning 1 million points to others not even getting entry confirmations back.

IHG Priceless Surprises

Rather than rehash others’ hard work, consult the following key articles:

I have been procrastinating on this. The reports that computer printed envelopes work reduces the effort required considerably. In a cold practical calculus the case can be made for or against. There is a fun and element of chance that pushes me into the camp of finally doing it.

Readers, what have been your experiences?

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12 Comments on "Snow Day: Time for 94 IHG Priceless Surprises Envelopes Before It’s Too Late?"

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writing my cards today as well! taking a break right now. 45 down so far. it’s hard work!

Abhishek D

52k points so far from the 75 out of 94 entries that I had mailed on 12/12


I was wondering if its too late to you ‘register’ for this promotion. Thoughts?

Diane S.

Two emails came through earlier today. I mailed the first 14 envelopes on Jan. 2nd. Very first try I won 2,000 points. 500 on the second one.


Definitely worth it for me! Takes about 2-3 hours to submit 94 entries (including printing envelopes, writing 94 index cards, and mailing them). To get ~50,000 points is well worth a couple of hours in front of the tv and $50. IHG and HelloWorld seem to have the system ironed out a lot more now, and we’re getting confirmation emails in a few weeks and the points posting a couple of weeks later.

Harlan V.

Argh, I’m gonna break down and do it, too.

Thanks for reminding – good way to spend a snow day!

Marv Merchants
Marv here, I already sent in my post cards. My hand is still on fire. I wrote so many of the those damn cards. Messed up on like 4. Anyways, I won like a solid 54k points. Harlan and I are planning a sweet ass trip to Barbados. I wish they were HHonors points. Oh great, I have 54k points to Holiday Inn Express! Yippee! Yeah, I know. IHG has Intercontiental, Crowne Plaza. But 40k-60k points a pop. WOOF, no thanks! Can’t throw away all my Vegas winnings at one night at the Crowne Plaza outside of Orlando! Luckily, Harlan… Read more »

51k and 3 yet unanswered. All sent before end of December.

Printed envelopes eliminate 40% of the labor. I hand wrote all


[…] folks have had mixed experiences with this. Via Rapid Travel Chai, one Deals We Like reader won a million points. It seems like some people did receive entries that […]


I hand wrote the cards but not the envelopes. Problem?