Have Chase Donate $15 for You to the Red Cross with the Chase Freedom and Visa Checkout Promo

Chase is running a promotion through 12/31/15 for a one-time $15 credit for a purchase of $15 or more using Visa Checkout with a Chase Freedom card. No registration required. Open to new or existing Visa Checkout accounts. One statement credit per account, I have two Chase Freedom accounts so expect credits on both (these are separate accounts, not authorized users). See full details here. There are many posts on this deal, including a quadruple-dip from Miles for Family, for options on the deal.

Chase Freedom Visa Checkout

When small promotions like this come along, if I feel they are worthwhile, I don’t want them sitting in my inbox and my head. I want to clear them out rather than have them in the back of my mind. In this hobby there are endless distractions and deals to pursue, all draining mental resources.

I pulled up the Visa Checkout site, one of those dreadful responsive design sites that scrolls in tablet-screen blocks and refuses to provide an All Merchants list. In the Specialty Stores category I found American Red Cross.

American Red Cross Visa Checkout

Two quick $15 donations, tax receipts printed, and I am done. Feels good.

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Thank you. I tried for a half hour last weekend to stack the $15 with a Pizza Hut promotion but couldn’t get the website to accept VISA Checkout. Now I can make a nice donation and avoid the cholesterol!


I attempted the donation through VISA Checkout online per the instructions, and CHASE immediately declined it. Called them, and after the usual security questions I resubmitted and the charge was authorized. Have the card with you so that if you need to contact CHASE fraud (like I did) you can provide the 3 digit code on the back of the card.


I’m amused that there are only three “Top Restaurants” on the list: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Dunkin Donuts.


Have you received a statement credit for this? I went through the exact same steps, made the donation but no credit yet. It’s only $15 so if I don’r receive it no big deal, but curious how long this tacks.


Thanks for the response. I’ll look for the credit later on.