East Africa Tourist Visa Live and Updates to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda Visas

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Last December I reported on the planned East Africa Tourist visa. Reader hevrolijk writes that it has launched, along with confirmed reports on the Fodor’s Travel Forum. There are updates to the visa process and fees as well, so let’s dive in.

East Africa Tourist Visa:

  • Travel among Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda on one visa
  • USD$100 fee
  • 90-day validity
  • Allows multiple entries to the block within the validity period, (see Rwanda regulations that make this explicit)
  • Apply from country where you will enter the bloc

All types of visas have updates for these countries, so let’s dive in:


  • As of September 1, 2015, visitors are expected to get visas prior to arrival, and can use the e-visa system
  • Single-entry $50 / multiple-entry $100 ($1 fee added for e-visa)
  • East Africa Tourist Visa not yet on e-visa system so application at Kenyan diplomatic missions is needed


  • Visas available at air and land borders and through online e-visa system
  • 30-day Entry Visa single-entry $30 / multiple-entry $60 (for those planning a longer stay as of June 1, 2015, 90-day Tourist Visa fee increased to $50)
  • East African Tourist visa not yet listed as an option on e-visa system, though of little consequence since visa on arrival available at all points of entry


  • Visas available at Entebbe Airport, advance visa recommended for land borders; no e-visa system
  • As of June 1, 2015, single/multiple-entry visas increased to $100
  • East African Tourist Visa available at Entebbe Airport or through Ugandan diplomatic missions


The East African Tourist Visa is a positive initiative among countries that otherwise are making their visa processes more cumbersome and expensive. The price is quickly justified on many itineraries to the region.

The big limitation is no e-visa (yet) when applying through Kenya as Nairobi is the major transit hub for the region. Those arriving first in Nairobi might fight it best to get a Kenya e-visa rather than deal with application at a Kenyan Embassy.

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7 years ago

In July I got the east africa e-visa from Rwanda. The evisa form lets you pick east africa visa. was easy. in a few days I got a confirmation page that said I could get it when I arrive.

7 years ago

I recently traveled to kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and used the east Africa visa. I got the visa from kenya consulate in la. Took <1 week including the mailing time. The whole process was a breeze. Getting a Schengen visa is a more difficult process!

Let me know if you have any questions