Grand Rivers, KY Festival of Lights

We didn’t expect a grand Christmas lights display all to ourselves, down the block from our cottage at Lighthouse Landing in Grand Rivers, KY, but we got a doozy, the Festival of Lights. The site is Patti’s 1880s Settlement which looks to be hopping in the high-season; I wish I had brought a putter as the mini-golf course is closed for the season.

This is a great example of why we generally visit places out of season. We love visiting gems without the crowds. Grand Rivers looks to be a big regional draw in summer, perched at the top of Land Between the Lakes National Recreating Area. Many businesses are closed yet plenty restaurants are open in the surrounding towns and we don’t miss the t-shirt shop.

Happy New Year!

Grand Rivers 002

Grand Rivers 003

Grand Rivers 004

Grand Rivers 007

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Michael H.

Thumbs up for KY!

Michael W. Travels

Happy New Year! Too bad you didn’t make it to Nashville.

Writing Out Loud

I grew up not far from there. I spent many days as a kid at Lake Barkley and surrounding areas. Glad you had a good time.